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AM886 Massage Chair - More Images and Dimensions

AM886 Massage Chair

Brands FSH Massage Chairs AM886 Massage Chair

1. The extra-long SL-shaped track covers comfortably from head to buttocks, and the silicone massage head is soft and rebounds, making massage more comfortable.
2. Intelligent body shape detection, more accurate personalized massage suitable for the whole family
3. Six automatic modes can be switched at will: default mode, men's mode, women's mode, neck and shoulder mode, waist and back mode, sleep mode
4. Four massage techniques: Shiasu massage, knocking massage, rub and knock massage, rub and knead massage
5. Using 3D simulation to simulate the manipulator, it is like a massage master giving an all-round massage
6. Thai scraping massage technology on the soles of the feet, a deep foot massage experience to release the fatigue of the day
7. Air bag wrapping on shoulders, arms and feet, complemented by robotic massage
8. Massage hand strength, air bag squeezing massage strength, three levels adjustable
9. Equipped with space capsule zero gravity function, you can enjoy a suspended massage experience, as if you are floating in the clouds, relaxed and comfortable
10.Customizable massage time
11. The chair angle can be ajusted. To make massage more comfortable
12. Double Bluetooth HIFI speakers, enjoy music massage experience
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AM886 Massage Chair

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