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Bullet Sectional w/sleeping function - More Images and Dimensions

sleeping function: 94x54"
sleeping function: 94x54"

Bullet Sectional w/sleeping function

Living Room Furniture Sectionals Bullet Sectional w/sleeping function

Imagine a simple and modern style interior with an eye-catching accent – the Bullet corner sofa. It is easy to fall in love with these exceptional and rounded shapes, all the more so that the combination of an excellent quality wave springs and highly elastic foam along with adjustable headrests make this furniture amazingly comfortable in use. The additional advantages include the sleeping function and a bedding compartment. Bullet is an embodiment of beauty and luxury while being very practical, too.
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Set Piece   Width " Depth " Height " Volume cu ft Weight lbs

Bullet Sectional w/sleeping function

  115 76 31/40
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